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Payment Embedded Loyalty

Quick Insights: 90 Seconds with OpenSparkz’s  Co-Founder & CEO, Debra Taylor

“Payment Embedded Loyalty” (PEL) is a term increasingly mentioned among people in the loyalty industry. What does it actually mean, and how has OpenSparkz helped make the concept a reality?

In its simplest form, PEL empowers Merchants and Loyalty Program Operators (LPOs) with the technology to accurately reward and notify customers at the point of sale for the purchase(s) – ultimately fostering greater brand loyalty. 

It’s a technology that leverages the merchant and LPO’s existing hardware and infrastructure while embedding payment data to make the loyalty program transaction-driven and highly personalised. 

OpenSparkz has led PEL’s adoption in Australia and overseas through our all-in-one solution (available as an API or White-labelled app) that provides PCI-DSS Level 1 certification, global payment scheme data access and fully-customisable reward program management software – giving Enterprise merchants and Reward Programs faster deployment to market.

How does OpenSparkz stand out amongst other PEL specialists in its approach to an effective solution compared to similar firms?

LPOs and Enterprise Merchants are stepping away from quick fixes and reimagining loyalty for the future. OpenSparkz stands out thanks to our ability to unlock deeper insights into their programs and brands. We believe this newfound understanding is the key to driving program success in 2024 and beyond.

OpenSparkz goes beyond simply adding offers. It’s a comprehensive platform that empowers LPOs and Enterprise Merchants to:

  • Future-proof their programs: Ditch the band-aid solutions and build loyalty strategies that last. This is a growing trend across airlines, hospitality, retail, and even subscription businesses.

  • Redefine program architecture: Leverage the power of payment technology and member data to understand what truly drives loyalty. No more guessing – OpenSparkz gives you the insights you need to design rewards programs that resonate.

  • Make the most of your data: Turn shopping preferences, demographics, and other valuable member information into actionable intelligence. OpenSparkz helps you unlock the full potential of your data to personalize rewards and strengthen engagement.

By embracing OpenSparkz’s innovative approach, LPOs and Enterprise Merchants can move beyond temporary fixes and build robust loyalty programs that keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

What’s a recent company highlight you’re most proud of, and what new, exciting development(s) are on the horizon for OpenSparkz?

Our Ayala Shopping mall program in the Philippines reached some major achievements in 2023, including growth in membership from 300 at initial launch in 2019 to 250k+. Merchants within their program that spans across 30+ shopping destinations in the country, has also more than doubled to over 5000 since launch. In Q3 2023, the program also introduced cash-based transactional earn functionality.

The foreseeable future shows continued growth in the APAC region as Enterprise Merchants and LPOs continue modernising their programs, and new payment solutions are rapidly adopted among consumers. If you’re a Loyalty Program Operator or Enterprise Merchant, we’d love to connect and learn more about your goals in future-proofing your program offering. Let’s link today at

Author: OpenSparkz

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