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Member Benefits Australia

We make every individual feel valued through custom experiences to build loyalty

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Brett Hewitt


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P.O Box 269 Chadstone Centre, VIC

ABOUT Member Benefits Australia

Life is about connections, sharing a little something so people feel valued. That’s what we do for your brand.

A connection can inspire an employee and turn a customer into a brand ambassador.
Through connections, you keep them engaged, and personalize your relationship. Because business isn’t just about selling, it’s about serving.
With member benefits and loyalty programmes you let people know they are valued. And we help tailor the right solution to your needs.
Simple and self-service? Or completely customised to your brand? We offer both.
We create a strategy and manage every element, So you can pick from a world of benefits and enjoy detailed reporting.
Cloud-based, and safely secured at Australian data centres, it is a solution made with you in mind.
All so you can create connections. And continue to grow your business.
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