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Let’s Talk Loyalty #426: Virgin’s Velocity – the loyalty program from Virgin Australia – Rewarding Customer Loyalty Super Fast!

Today’s episode features Velocity, the loyalty program from Virgin Australia.

As one of the world’s most famous challenger brands, Virgin enjoys a global portfolio of inspiring businesses that are dedicated to delighting customers around the world, and Virgin Australia’s Velocity programme does exactly that!

Our guest is Nick Rohrlach, CEO of Velocity, who shares with us the dramatic transformation of both the airline and its loyalty business in recent years.

Customer loyalty is at the heart of their propositions, with a laser focus on proving to Australian customers that they will be rewarded for their loyalty super fast.

Nick shares their latest campaigns, which are earning Velocity a reputation for bringing back some fun, even at a time of intense economic pressure for consumers.

These campaigns are proving to be incredibly powerful tools that drive impressive levels of engagement for the programme, as well as earning welcome publicity for the airline itself – truly remarkable in such a mature and competitive market.

Listen to enjoy Let’s Talk Loyalty‘s conversation with Nick Rohrlach, CEO of Velocity from Virgin Australia.

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