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EagleAI: The Secret Sauce Behind Retail’s New Loyalty Champion?

FairPrice Group is Singapore’s largest retailer. It recently introduced “Save Everyday Challenges”, powered by Eagle Eye technology, within its Linkpoints loyalty program. “Save Everyday Challenges” has soared, being shortlisted for “Best Use of AI Technology” and “Best Customer Experience” at the 2023/2024 Asia Pacific Loyalty Awards. But what’s the secret sauce behind its success?

Enter EagleAI, a new product from Eagle Eye that leverages the proven AI behind “Save Everyday Challenges”.

How do we treat customers the way they wish to be treated in the digital world? EagleAI offers a customer-centric AI-powered data science solution crafted specifically for the retail sector.

More than just crunching numbers EagleAI harnesses machine learning and AI to design tailored offers for each customer. Rather than curate a set of best-fit offers from a limited pool, the platform’s innovation lies in its ability to focus on individual needs, setting a new benchmark in personalisation by creating unique offers for each customer. #creationnotcuration

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