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Is obtaining insights from your retail loyalty data difficult and time consuming?

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Tom Fuyala



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PO Box 90339, Victoria Street West, Auckland


ABOUT 11ANTS Retail success relies on people using data to better understand and connect with shoppers. But conventional tools make it difficult and time-consuming to do so. Here at 11Ants, we understand that using data to connect with customers is the key to winning in retail. But not having the right tools to effectively deal with data can be daunting, time-consuming and lead to poor decisions. Our analytics solution makes life easier, taking away the pain and effort that comes with digging deeper to get answers about what’s really going on. We’re here to put you in control. Our simple, fast and people-friendly solution allows you to access true insights, action them in meaningful ways and then measure the impact of these decisions. By creating an ally out of your data, we make it easier to do your job and supercharge your effectiveness in driving performance and growth. With over 4,000 retail stores spread across seven countries utilising our solution, we’ve got proven scale and expertise. Customers are regularly reporting jobs that used to take weeks, now take minutes. “If we took 11ANTS out, it wouldn’t just leave a hole, it would leave this gaping chasm.” Bryce Howard, CEO Farro. View entire 11ANTS Farro case study video here.  View more customer case studies or request a 45 minute demo at



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