World Class Speakers

Leading loyalty experts from top brands and universities from the Asia Pacific region and beyond, covering a range of important and innovative topics.

Networking Opportunities

Organised networking activities, dinner and drinks on Wednesday and Thursday, and time for valuable conversations before, after and between sessions.

An Exhibition Centre with over 35 global platforms, boutique consultancies and specialised, state-of-the-art tech to suit the needs of any loyalty program.

Need approval to attend? Download our handy Justify Your Travel booklet, which includes reasons to attend, ways to save, and a letter template you can use to request approval. Or send an email directly to your employer using the button below.


All conference attendees will receive a complimentary Big Little Brush bamboo toothbrush by Red Dust.

Research suggests that improving the oral health of the most vulnerable communities in the world could have a significant positive impact on the overall potential of their nations. Every Big Little Brush helps to fund health and hygiene education and programs in remote communities. 

Plus, brushes are made from bamboo and nylon 4, which means they’ll only take about a year to break down instead of 600.

You can find out more on the Red Dust website.


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