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Using surveys to engage and monetise your online community

Arindam Bhattacharya, Vice President, Partner Sales, Cint

Consumer surveys are creating a new stream of revenue for managers of loyalty programs and other types of online communities.

The ANZ region continues to be at the effect of a 6.8% core inflation rate, rising interest rates, higher consumer debt levels, and an increased unemployment rate. As consumers turn to completing surveys as a means of additional income, many loyalty programs need new, more creative ways to compete for consumers’ time and keep them engaged with their brand. Online surveys have quickly become a popular solution to this challenge. 

The survey sampling industry has seen tremendous adoption and growth over the last several years. Cint offers a programmatic technology platform for online research and insights that connects buyers and suppliers of survey respondents. Cint’s exchange is the world’s largest, with nearly 300 million respondents in over 130 countries who consent to sharing their opinions, motivations, and behaviors. With the emergence of platforms like Cint, many businesses have found that consistent survey opportunities help to engage their users while offering a new stream of revenue. 

Supply partners, such as loyalty programs, use Cint to increase engagement within their user base. Using API technology, suppliers can select the surveys that are sent to their users, ensuring a positive experience for each member who participates in a study. Additionally, because each individual respondent is compensated for completing a survey, they are likely to continue participating in surveys. 

A great example is Moweb research, a full-service market research institute. They help clients perform research studies and analyses, including developing and running questionnaires, as well as analyzing insights based on survey responses. Additionally, they operate a consumer panel and a business panel that powers their business. 

To strengthen their panel business, Moweb research’s product and tech team wanted to simultaneously improve their conversion rate and scale the number of surveys they offered to their audience. They turned to Cint, their research technology partner for over six years, to integrate with Cint’s API which offered them the ability to act on survey opportunities and respondent data in near real-time. 

With an API that pushes notifications about essential new and updated survey data like qualifications and quotas to them in minutes, Moweb Research is always able to act on the latest, most accurate information. Cint’s API has increased the revenue that Moweb earns from their user base because they are now able to pass survey opportunities and updates to respondents in under one minute, an improvement in speed of more than 200%. 

Cint’s API has created a new level of performance, speed, and profitability for Moweb research. Read the case study here.

As online audiences continue to become more engrossed in various types of media, we recommended exploring online surveys as a creative way to engage loyalty program members. Surveys not only help to increase engagement, but they also provide paid opportunities for everyone involved. If you’re interested in monetising your user base, you can learn more at

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