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The Science and Art of Segmentation: How to Identify and Retain your Most Valuable Customers

Expedited by the pandemic, consumers’ online behaviours and expectations have dramatically changed. Highly sophisticated consumers now demand frictionless online experiences, personalised to their daily lives. Increasingly, they expect brands to know what they need next – before they even know themselves. 

The challenge for modern businesses is how to achieve this level of personalisation at scale. Despite the shift to online during the pandemic, consumers continue to respond more favourably to authentic, relevant, and emotive interactions – which requires a meeting of two minds: science (data and technology) and art (human expertise). 

With 80% of customers agreeing that the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services1, market-leading organisations who enhance their data experts’ skills with AI-powered technology to create more personalised, authentic and emotional bonds with customers are gaining a competitive edge.

Collinson Loyalty Commerce

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