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About Kognitiv

A global leader in collaborative commerce and loyalty, recently merged with Aimia Loyalty Solutions.

Redefining Loyalty through Collaborative Commerce.

Kognitiv empowers organisations across industries to reinvent themselves, together, through collaborative commerce. By working together and building scalable partner ecosystems, brands can access new audiences and leverage new funds to unlock growth. Our Platform + Performance subscription features the technology, infrastructure, regulatory compliance and managed services needed to exchange and trade your currencies, goods and services, and share zero-party data to create targeted, cost-effective, personalisedvalue for those who matter the most, your customers.

With our knowledge and expertise in advanced analytics, AI/machine learning, loyalty technology and managed services, Kognitiv is a smart choice for companies that are looking to deepen their customer relationships, drive positive business impacts and unearth additional value for consumers.

Founded in 2008, Kognitiv enables collaborative commerce through its proprietary technology platform and performance model for leading global brands to build their own peer-to-peer trading networks. In June 2020, Kognitiv and Aimia’s Loyalty Solutions and Intelligent Shopper Solutions companies came together to create a technology-forward business, employing over 500 people across 20 countries worldwide. With 200+ clients and partners in more than 50 markets globally, Kognitiv brings to life a world where brands work together to create new opportunities for less, gain direct access to new audiences, and create network effects where everyone wins, all the time.

Our programs span across a number of verticals such as Financial Services, Retail, Entertainment and FMCG.

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Kim Walsh
General Manager, Australia & New Zealand


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Level 4, 333 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000