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Blackhawk Network is a leading provider of gift card rewards and incentives to organisations across the globe, including many of the Fortune 500. 

Launching in 2001 with the invention of third-party retailing of gift cards, Blackhawk Network is now a global financial technology company. Through continued expansion into B2B, B2C, digital and international markets, Blackhawk have developed a complete suite of branded value solutions for businesses.

Choice Matters

When it comes to loyalty rewards, customers are more active and belong to more programs than ever before. This is why relevance is critical and the most effective rewards are ones people want. Choice makes all the difference and is a crucial consideration for customers when joining a loyalty program.

Blackhawk offer an abundance of reward options—including physical, digital and mobile innovations—to power your programs. Their robust portfolio, along with a dedicated relationship manager, will help you strategise, drive performance, manage compliance regulations and maximize your budgets.


Service Offerings

  • Cards & Payments
  • Digital wallet solutions,
  • Gift card supply,
  • Payment card-linked solutions,
  • Affiliate marketing solutions

Contact Person

Will Feutrill

Senior Director Business Development 


Contact phone



Level 17, 101 Miller Street North Sydney NSW 2060

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