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“Marketing automation” is a term that has been around for a long time now. How would you define it, and what does it mean for Taguchi?  I would say ‘Marketing Automation’ is just a new way of expressing a lot of ideas that have been around for a while; breathing new life into them in a powerful way.

Primarily, it involves automating the execution and precise targeting of messages to individual recipients. In many ways it bridges the gap between sales and marketing, creating a more synchronised approach between the two.
How does Taguchi stand out in its approach compared to other methodologies? What makes Taguchi different in both its purpose and execution? 2024 marks a pivotal year for us at Taguchi – it’s our 15th anniversary, a juncture pushing us to reinvent ourselves while remaining steadfast to our roots. This milestone year coincides with the launch of our new platform interface & activity editor, which is really exciting!

Our platform philosophy distinguishes us significantly within the industry. We operate on the idea of a ‘T-shaped platform’, boasting a broad spectrum of capabilities across a number of different areas.

Where we’re really focused – in the ‘stem’ of the T – is on that real depth of functionality in classical marketing automation. So, what our platform does, in my view, probably better than anybody else, is being able to automate content production, automate targeting, automate segmentation, and actually deliver on the promise of getting the right message to the right person at the right time.

This commitment to personalised scalability forms the cornerstone of our platform, anchored in this domain, we also prioritise seamless integration, ensuring our capabilities effortlessly mesh with existing infrastructures.
How would you describe Taguchi’s commitment to problem-solving and adaptability to prospective clients amidst the current industry changes? What I find most fulfilling is the opportunity to solve problems, tackling challenges head on for our clients. This ethos resonates across Taguchi – our shared positive mindset towards problem-solving and conquering obstacles is really energising. We thrive on overcoming challenges!

In the face of sweeping industry changes, I emphasise the significance of an open-minded, exploratory approach. Adapting to these shifts requires a willingness to innovate, experiment with novel approaches, and embrace fresh perspectives. 

At Taguchi, we value this mindset as a crucial element in navigating and thriving amidst industry transformations.

We’d love to connect with individuals who appreciate the power of scalable personalisation and value innovation in marketing automation.

If you’re ready to explore how Taguchi can elevate your strategies, let’s chat! Reach out to us at

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