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Loyalty TV: Royal Automobile Club Victoria Shares Strategies to Drive Member Engagement and Retention

Today’s episode is available both in audio as “Let’s Talk Loyalty” and on video on www.LoyaltyTV

Let’s Talk Loyalty is back in Australia with a brand and business that was founded way back in 1903.

The Royal Automobile Club Victoria offers a variety of products and services for its 2 million members, led by roadside assistance as well as other services such emergency home assistance, travel discounts and benefits, insurance and finance. 

To learn how they drive member engagement and retention for this iconic brand, Paula is joined today by Hayden Hearse, their Marketing Manager responsible for Member Benefits and Loyalty for the Royal Automobile Club Victoria. Hayden, who is also a 2024 Asia Pacific Loyalty Awards judge, contributed his expertise to this year’s panel.

Please enjoy the conversation.

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