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Inside Globe Rewards

Let’s Talk Loyalty #462: Loyalty in the Philippines – Telecom Giant Shares its Globe Rewards Successes

Today’s episode is available as audio as well as video on Loyalty TV.

This episode features loyalty in the telecommunications sector.

Today’s guest, Jerome G Patalud, joins us from the ⁠Philippines⁠ where he is the Director and Product Owner for Globe Rewards, the loyalty proposition from Globe Telecom, Inc, a major provider of ⁠telecommunications⁠ services there, where it operates the largest mobile network in the Philippines with almost 55 million subscribers.

The Globe Group closed the first nine months of 2023 with an all-time high in consolidated revenues fueled by strong contributions from its mobile, corporate data, and non-telco services as Globe transitions from a telco to a techco.

Listen to learn all about Globe Rewards and its role driving the Globe Group business. 

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