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How Bakers Delight increased their basket size by more than 20%

Read through to learn how Bakers Delight evolved from their successful punch-card Loyalty program to their next-gen Loyalty program, and beat the dough out of their expectations.

In 1980, the very first Bakers Delight bakery was opened by Roger and Leslie Gillespie in Hawthorn in Victoria, Australia. Forty years on, Bakers Delight has grown to become a beloved household name, serving patrons in over 500 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

With a growing and engaged customer base, Bakers Delight felt the time was ripe to implement a loyalty program, and consumer research showed that customers agreed. Previously, Bakers had a stamp card program that ran successfully for 20 years, but it was time to evolve.

Since the launch of Bakers Delight new digital loyalty program, the Dough Getters, their contactable database has grown over 400%! Members are expected to now spend 25% more per transaction with visitation rates increasing by over x1 per week. Their members are highly engaged and spend significantly more than non-members, specifically when it comes to redeeming their $5 vouchers, with redemption rates over 80%.

Read the Bakers Delight Case Study to learn more about their digital transformation and adoption of Cheetah next-gen loyalty.

For more information on next-gen Loyalty from Cheetah Digital, check The Buyers Guide to Omnichannel Loyalty. This handy, actionable guide will take you through everything you need to know about omnichannel loyalty.

Ronak Mehta
Author: Ronak Mehta

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