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Eagle Eye Group’s AI-powered data science solution ‘EagleAI’ takes flight

Eagle Eye Group, a leading SaaS business that creates personalised loyalty programmes and omnichannel marketing solutions for retailers and hospitality brands has launched EagleAI, a customer-centric data science solution powered by AI purposefully built for the grocery and retail sectors.

EagleAI will help retailers and grocers across the globe better meet their customers’ wants and needs individually, optimise promotional spending, increase ROI, and enable true one-to-one engagement that ultimately drives loyalty.

Personalisation soars to new heights with cutting-edge AI automation capabilities

EagleAI automates the process of connecting and structuring customer data across touchpoints and uses cutting-edge machine learning and AI to create uniquely personalised offers for customers rather than curating the ‘best fit’ set of offers based on a finite number available. This approach sets a new global standard for retail personalisation.

“At Eagle Eye, we’re on a mission to power the personalised marketing revolution and launching EagleAI represents a significant step on that journey,” said Tim Mason, CEO of Eagle Eye. “We believe that personalisation is the retail version of the Golden Rule – treating people as they would like to be treated – and with EagleAI, retailers can put this into practice in a real, scalable, efficient way.”

Retailers can create personalisation at the individual level and execute it at scale

Retail marketing platforms may be capable of personalisation but lack the capacity to deliver individual offers to hundreds of thousands or millions of customers. Likewise, traditional mass marketing may be able to reach large groups of consumers, but not with individualised offers. The combination of creating offers for individuals and the ability to execute them in real-time and at scale makes this particular AI platform unique.

At the heart of EagleAI is a set of machine-learning algorithms that factor product affinity, shopping predictions, promotional responsiveness, budgetary controls and more. Working simultaneously, the algorithms create and target the right offers for the right individual. In retail settings, EagleAI acts as the “brain” of the Eagle Eye AIR platform’s nervous system, which is the transaction layer that executes an unlimited range of offers in real-time to every customer touchpoint.

Consumers opting in for personalised promotions

According to McKinsey data, 71% of consumers expect personalisation, and 76% are frustrated when they don’t get it. By optimising customer communications and putting customers at the centre of decision-making by understanding their needs and crafting relevant offers and marketing, EagleAI aims to create more rewarding connections and deeper relationships between retailers and their customers.

The birth of EagleAI

Eagle Eye developed EagleAI after it acquired Untie Nots, a Paris-based SaaS company with extensive and proven AI capabilities, in early 2023. Leveraging the expertise of the Untie Nots team, the power of the Eagle Eye AIR platform and Google Cloud technology such as Vertex AI, EagleAI is a standalone solution under the umbrella of the Eagle Eye Group.

“We’re giving retailers the capability to manage the full complement of promotional, loyalty and media investments for every individual customer across every business unit,” said Zyed Jamoussi co-founder of Untie Nots.

An AI-assisted future looking bright for retailers

EagleAI is recognised as a platform to strengthen retailer-supplier relationships as it enables retailers to offer their supplier partners a new and proven route to build customer loyalty, grow share of wallet, recruit new customers, drive cross and upsell activity and launch new innovations.

“I am hugely excited by this opportunity and by the work that Zyed and his brilliant team will do to enable current and future clients to unlock the full potential of their customer data,” added Tim. “Together, we can offer a bright AI-assisted future to forward-thinking retailers.”

Aziz Kastoun
Author: Aziz Kastoun

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