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Diving Into the APAC Loyalty Program Landscape

The last several years have brought about an unprecedented digital transformation. Brands have had to re-evaluate how they engage with their customers. Now brands want to do more than just retain customers, but actually build long-lasting loyalty. In order to provide market awareness and help businesses better understand the current landscape of APAC loyalty programs, Antavo, a leading loyalty technology provider, has released the APAC Customer Loyalty Report 2022. The report is based on a global survey and focuses on the data provided explicitly by Asia-Pacific respondents. Key findings indicate a strong trust in loyalty programs within the region, alongside record-breaking interest in the emotional loyalty model.

Check Out Antavo’s APAC Report

Loyalty Programs Are a Staple in the Region

Loyalty programs have proven to be a cornerstone strategy for Asia-Pacific companies, as 66.7% of loyalty program owners in the region agreed that when it comes to their company’s overall strategic decisions, customer loyalty and loyalty marketing have an important impact. Moreover, 78.8% of APAC respondents whose company offers a loyalty program plan to increase their investments in customer loyalty over the next three years.

The report also revealed that, on average, organizations that offer a loyalty program allocate 23.3% of their total marketing budget to loyalty program management and CRM. These statistics clearly indicate that companies find value in their loyalty programs and are willing to keep investing more resources into them in the coming years.

World Leaders in Emotional Loyalty

Going beyond a strictly transactional relationship and rewarding loyalty program members for actions that aren’t tied to purchases—like friend referrals, product reviews, recycling, charity and even tracking workout progress through a sports app—holds a great deal of potential for building brand love among customers. Asia-Pacific stands at the forefront of the push toward this new kind of emotional loyalty, as 30.3% of respondents that already offer a loyalty program classified their program as more emotional than rational, scoring 9.6% above the global average.

It’s also worth highlighting that 66.7% of existing program owners claimed that they are “likely” or “very likely” to revamp their existing loyalty program within the next three years. The reason isn’t dissatisfaction, though. Considering the previous numbers that signify continued interest and investment in loyalty programs, APAC companies are more likely to revamp their reward system with the goal of improving it and capitalizing on new trends, such as emotional loyalty and gamification.

“With this report, our goal was to showcase Asia-Pacific loyalty program trends from the perspective of the program owners themselves. It’s quite unique in this sense, and it’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to measure your strategy directly against the competition, as well as identify untapped potential in the market.” – Caleb Gamble, Sales Director AUS & NZ at Antavo

Download Antavo’s APAC Customer Loyalty Report 2022 for more region-specific statistics about personalization, satisfaction rates, and the adoption of varying loyalty technologies.

Download the APAC Report

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