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The Point of Loyalty

Advising brands on designing & deploying thriving loyalty program assets.

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Adam Posner

CEO and Founder


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PO Box 2007, Wattletree Road LPO Malvern East, VIC

ABOUT The Point of Loyalty

We help brands create more value from the abundance of their existing customers.

We deliver this through thriving customer retention, loyalty and rewards programs.
Since 2013, we have commissioned and authored 15 independent in-depth consumer research studies - For Love or Money™ on loyalty and loyalty programs in Australia & New Zealand.
We believe thriving loyalty programs balance three strategic dependencies:
  1. profitable & sustainable for the business
  2. meaningful & desirable for members, with
  3. belief & buy-in by the team.
Enabled by fit-for-purpose technology, data driven insights for action & dynamic and personalised member dialogue.
Solutions provided:
  • Leadership alignment - 'what is loyalty?'
  • 'Do You Really Need A Loyalty Program?' diagnostic defines vision, goals & measures of success
  • Design a Quality Program Proposition (QPP) with our Four Factor framework
  • Buying behaviour analytics (past & predictive) + tailored research (next point)
  • Member, non-member & team research (benchmarks from ‘For Love or Money™’ loyalty research)
  • Building program Financial Fitness = profit & loss, cashflow and balance sheet
  • Proven framework to build a team of loyalty champions
  • Technology requirements specification & vendor selection
  • Adding partners to a loyalty ecosystem-6 pillar strategy and evaluation model
  • Avoid 13+ known program failure factors with 'Failure Factors Risk Mitigation' action plan
  • Mentoring for ongoing program optimisation

The Point of Loyalty

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