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Keep & connect with your most valuable customers with Oracle CrowdTwist.

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ABOUT Oracle

Oracle offers suites of integrated applications plus secure, autonomous infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud.
The Oracle Customer Experience (CX) suite is a holistic, cloud-enabled solution that is used by some of the world’s largest brands to meet rapidly changing customer expectations and deliver an end-to-end customer experience.
The portfolio boasts industry leading loyalty technology with Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement, a leader in the loyalty technology platforms Forrester Wave*.
Customer loyalty is about so much more than retention. Modern loyalty programs recognise that loyalty is a currency to promote new behaviours. Intelligent platforms like CrowdTwist  increase customer profitability by bringing down the cost of acquisition and increasing the spend per customer. Marketer-friendly tools allow program managers to act on customer insights and test new experiences without coding. Built-in omnichannel connectivity and the ability to process transactions at high-speed provide the agility to scale up new program features with minimal third party support. This allows brands to focus on customer strategy and program design rather than coding and tech integration.

Learn more about how CrowdTwist is helping brands build relationships with customers beyond the point of transaction here,
Source: The Forrester Wave™ Loyalty Technology Platforms, Q2 2019,
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