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Global Reward Solutions

Cloud-based reward management system with global capabilities.

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Rick Matthews

VP Operations APAC


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L27, 101 Collins St. Melbourne, VIC

ABOUT Global Reward Solutions

What We Do

We make it easy to delight your customers and employees with the coolest rewards on the planet. Global Reward Solutions is a cloud-based reward management system – with local and global fulfilment capabilities – that enables your business to increase the performance of recognition programs, sales programs, customer loyalty programs, employee engagement programs, marketing campaigns, and contests. We source and consolidate rewards from hundreds of suppliers around the globe and present them in a beautifully designed, easy-to-use interface.

Our Story

Global Reward Solutions is the world’s first cloud-based solution that connects hundreds of global suppliers through an innovative reward engine to thousands of customers around the world. By consolidating a vast network of global suppliers into a single dashboard, we have automated reward data and order fulfilment, enabling our clients to choose from millions of reward options in 185 countries.
By combining our expertise and strategic thinking with cloud technology, we rewrote the rules for loyalty and channel incentive programs and transformed reward management and fulfilment. Today, GRS is a recognized pioneer in the incentives and rewards industry.
We deliver locally-sourced merchandise to 185 countries and convenient virtual rewards almost anywhere in the world. Our innovative rewards dashboard makes it easy to create customized client galleries and track order status. Global Reward Solutions supplies a worldwide community of recognition, incentives, training, and reward experts in North America, South America, Africa, UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia, India, and Australia. We are also the only reward platform that follows all global tax compliance regulations, making it easier than ever to implement and manage your program.

Personalized by a Revolutionary Rewards AI

Inspiring positive outcomes and creating true behaviour change requires motivational rewards that are personally meaningful. We use machine learning and neural net algorithms to find what your members will love. Enriched by patterns of the rewards a member has searched, clicked, or redeemed for, our Reward AI suggests new rewards that match their interests. The Personalized Storefront Reward AI truly personalizes the shopping experience, making it more engaging and rewarding for your members.

CarltonOne Engagement

Global Reward Solutions is a division of CarltonOne Engagement.
CarltonOne Engagement helps global companies thrive with SaaS platforms that optimize employee recognition, performance, loyalty and reward management.
Operating companies include:
  • Global Reward Solutions
    • The world's leading cloud-based reward management platform.
    • Eliminate the complexity of rewards management. Instantly access over 10 million high-value premium brand products and digital rewards in more than 185 countries.
  • Power2Motivate
    • The global leader in performance improvement & employee recognition.
    • Build a powerful performance-based culture of recognition. Motivate sales teams and channel partners. Build long-term loyalty.
  • Evergrow
    • Next-gen AI-powered performance recognition & motivation engine.
    • Transform workplace motivation by using AI to create a one-to-one personalized engagement journey while connecting employee action to tree planting and conservation.

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