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Nathan Kingston

Sales and Marketing Director


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24/9 Hoyle Ave Castle Hill, NSW, 2154

ABOUT BoostCommerce

What do we offer:

  • a digital mobile pass integrated into native Apple and Android wallets offers
  • an unparalleled advantage for loyalty platforms and software providers
  • empower brands to forge stronger, more personalised connections with their loyalty members
  • every brand with a loyalty program should have a digital loyalty pass that always displays the latest loyalty points, credits, offers, and member status
  • leverage the convenience and accessibility of mobile wallets
  • brands can seamlessly deliver real-time updates, exclusive offers, and tailored rewards directly to their customers' smartphone
  • ability to update these passes anytime
  • trigger push notifications ensures that members are instantly informed about new promotions, expiring rewards, and special events
  • not only enhances the user experience but also drives engagement and retention, as loyalty members are more likely to interact with their digital passes than traditional plastic cards
  • integration with native wallets ensures a secure and frictionless user experience, fostering trust and encouraging frequent interactions
In essence, a digital mobile pass is a game-changer for loyalty platforms and brands, providing a modern, efficient, and highly engaging way to deepen customer loyalty and drive long-term brand loyalty.

References: Oscar Academy, World Gym, Allianz Insurance, Mercedes, Munich Airport and more.


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