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Payment Linked Loyalty®

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Simon Rowles


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Suite 905, 6a Glen Street Milsons Point, NSW


Enabling customers to be identified and rewarded, every time they shop

Bink is set to transform the loyalty experience for retailers and consumers alike. Our patented technology, Payment Linked Loyalty (PLL), links payment cards to loyalty programs. When customers present their payment card, they can be automatically identified and rewarded. No need for plastic cards or paper coupons. Bink provides merchants with significant operational efficiencies – enabling them to save up to 8 seconds at checkout. For every card transaction, Bink can identify a customers’ loyalty ID – allowing brands to better engage their shoppers and foster truly personalised relationships.

Bink helps your loyalty programme work even harder

Bink’s unique technology platform, Payment Linked Loyalty, allows customers’ payment cards to be securely linked to loyalty programmes, enabling every customer to be identified and rewarded every time they shop.

Acquire new members

Bink helps extend the breadth and depth of your loyalty programme by identifying potential new loyalty members who have already shopped with you, and inviting them to join your loyalty programme through a quick and easy sign-up process.

Enhance your membership data

Partnering with Bink allows you to enrich your data from Bink members, giving you the ability to create more relevant, personalised rewards and offers, and drive deeper brand engagement.

Gain efficiencies, cut costs

Through the Payment Linked Loyalty platform, Bink enables a frictionless experience at the till, by linking a customers’ payment card to their loyalty programmes. This eliminates time and hassle of retrieving and presenting loyalty cards at checkout.


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