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Insight Into Action

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Ade Ewart

Managing Director


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Transport House Level 2, 99 Macquarie St

ABOUT Apteco

Data is ubiquitous. It floods into every company through numerous channels. We help you use all that data to refine your marketing initiatives and improve the customer experience you deliver. Apteco`s mission is to help you quickly convert large volumes of transactional, multi-channel customer data into actionable insights. Our powerful algorithms empower you to deliver customer-centric, relevant and targeted marketing campaigns. We help you give each and every customer the personalised experience they expect. Why? Because customers who feel understood are more likely to become loyal brand advocates. Which means greater income and bigger profits for your business. We`re a safe haven for those drowning in data, giving you the tools to deliver an outstanding customer experience. To every customer. Every time.


Affiliate Marketing Solutions

AI/Machine Learning Marketing

Full Service Loyalty Solutions

Member Benefit Solutions

Member Communications

Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions

Off-the-shelf Loyalty Solutions

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