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2021-11-16 (4)

Building habitual loyalty in a low-touch category

Steph Barr, Manager, Product Strategy & Loyalty, AGL

Steph is the Manager of Product Strategy & Loyalty at AGL and has dedicated her career to working out how brands can connect with customers in the most meaningful ways. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, Steph worked client side at Telstra, helping transform their customers brand experience to achieve its status as Australia’s most valuable brand.

While at McCann Melbourne, Steph worked with many of Australia’s biggest and most creative brands, igniting the ideas behind some of the world’s most effective campaign experiences with award winning creative strategies and marketing effectiveness across L’Oreal, Bendigo Bank, Seeing Eye Dogs Victoria and The University of Melbourne.

Stream her presentation below from the ALA 2021 International Virtual Loyalty Conference.

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