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2022-09-01 (3)

Amadou Doumbia – Solving Customer Engagement with Payment Linked Rewards

Amadou Doumbia is the Business Development Marketing Executive for OpenSparkz where he manages the loyalty technology firm’s marketing and communications initiatives to raise awareness of the next generation PaaS solution. His career has been built on connecting individuals, companies, and organisations across a range of sectors through the power of marketing and communications. Born in Mali and raised in New York City, Amadou’s experience includes marketing and communications management positions at Accor, Marriott hotels and Ovolo hotels. He also has held account management positions at various communication agencies, including Magnum & Co and Sling & Stone.

Amadou’s passion and motivation for loyalty stems from his fascination with user journeys and experiences. “At the end of the day, businesses would be nothing without the users/customers they service. How a someone interacts with a business’ product or solution is vital. Mapping that journey, identifying pain points, and making it as seamless as possible is what drives me professionally. At OpenSparkz, the journey and experience to better loyalty is core to our foundation, and something I think is revolutionising what loyalty means in this age.”

At the 2022 ALA International Loyalty Conference, Amadou presented on ‘Solving Customer Engagement with Payment Linked Rewards’. Stream the recording of his presentation now.

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