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Let’s Talk Loyalty #432: Skyjoy from Vietnam – A Fascinating Coalition featuring Vietjet and HD Bank from Sovico Group Vietnam

Today’s episode of Let’s Talk Loyalty features an amazing country and an amazing airline-led loyalty program that is not even one year old!

⁠Skyjoy⁠ is the program name for a coalition program created in late 2022 by ⁠Sovico Group⁠ based in Vietnam, leveraging some of their key businesses including Vietjet, their low-cost airline, and HD Bank.

⁠Paula Thomas⁠ is joined for this conversation by ⁠Sereen Teoh⁠, CEO of Skyjoy, to share both the successes and some of the challenges in creating such a huge coalition program across hundreds of partners, and in such a short space of time.

Sereen is also a speaker at the ⁠Loyalty and Awards conference⁠ taking place in Brazil in October, so listen to get an exciting insight on what they have already achieved and what you can expect from her presentation at the event!

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